Thursday, June 05, 2008


we are in detail mode now with the wedding. the big stuff is taken care of so now it is the small stuff. i am not as worried about the little things. once we get the invitations out i think it will be smooth sailing.

the dress is slowly making its way into 3d reality. i cut out and ironed the pattern pieces so the next step will be to cut out the test fabric and see how it goes.

at home i have planted a little herb garden in pots in our windows. kevin was nice enough to spend some time and make a few shelves in the windows for me. the sprouts are quite a bit higher than these at this point and it has only been a few days difference! i really hope the rosemary takes, those are the only ones left to sprout.

here are some of the wedding details kevin has been working on. i think i am going to leave most things a surprise but i will keep a good photo log to share good images of later.

and this picture i just couldnt resist posting. it cracks me up to no end. it is sort of monty python-ish to me.

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