Thursday, March 06, 2008

wedding plans

this is camp soci in yarmouth. we looked at it as a potential wedding location. it might be a little on the small side but the price is right at $50 per day to rent. i am waiting to hear from the park coordinator to see if it is a possibility.

i was trying to imagine it during the summer with flowers and trees all in full green mode.

scraps of fabric are starting to pile up around my craft area. there is a lot of waste in the fabric biz i think. i havent thrown any thing away in hopes that i will someday get the motivation to so something like these. This woman is an amazing quilt artist.

tonight we went on the art walk. the day where the galleries open their doors and have openings. it was fun but still a little much for eliot so close to bedtime. i also made some yummy turkey meatballs for dinner and cut out the fabric for the dress pattern i mentioned in an earlier post. hopefully i will get some sewing time tomorrow during eliot's nap. if anyone wants the meatball recipe let me know (its really good!).

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kris said...

I followed your link to spirit cloth - I do like to keep and eye out on her blog and flickr page. How amazingly prolific is this woman? Her work is amazing and it just seems to keep coming! S inspirational! (Meat ball recipe - YES PLEASE!!)

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