Wednesday, March 05, 2008

trudging along

winter is marching along outside with bouts of snow then sleet then rain. little by little the mountain of snow in the parking lot next door is turning into a pool in the middle of the sidewalk. eliot finds it fascinating. we took him for a well visit the other day and the little guy still only weighs in at 21lbs. he is almost 3 feet though, especially when he walks on his tip toes.
otherwise, all is well in baby health.

this below is me as a little dr. i was digging around through old pictures my dad sent to me a while back. i remember that doll pretty clearly, and that table.. very seventies.

a little bunny has been somewhat of a challenge lately. i have been having a lot of struggle trying to decide where to go with it and how i want to proceed. i had a good 'liberal arts education' moment with Ann Veronica. as i mentioned, i went in and showed samples and they placed a small order (12 pieces, 6 outfits). i agreed to a fairly lousy consignment deal (50/50) just to have a deadline and keep working..get stuff out there etc. once they got the order they decided it was out of their price range after all and they wouldnt be taking them! a really aggravating experience. i think they were expecting me to lower my prices but i was giving them a really good deal. i didnt want to burn any bridges but i did let them know i wish they had though about their price point a little more before they placed the order. i tried to turn it into a positive experience by having her show me what sells in that shop and why. that did, at least, give me some frame of reference. ah well... hopefully i can get them in another shop.

this has made me question my attachments to the designs and fabrics etc. i dont want to cheapen them by using lower quality fabrics etc but i think i do need to come up with better fabric suppliers. learning as i go....


Heather L. said...

That is very frustrating about your clothing order! i would have been so discouraged. i hope you can find another outlet.

I can't believe Eliot weighs so little! He looks so big in the pictures -- bigger than my David. I guess looks are deceiving.

I hope you get some signs of Spring soon. At least the ice was melting here today.

Pam Strayer said...

Hi Jessica,
Very sloppy buying methods. I'm sorry about that; you're right they should have been more professional with you.
Adeline is 3 months today and is going to Fla to visit her Uncle Walter and Aunt Ellie. Do you have some thing for sale that would do in Fla. where it doesn't snow?

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