Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Guess!

Yay! Thank you Heather for taking a guess..and you're not even family! Sheesh! Drum roll please...The word was... DEXTER! He pronounces it more like deh-tuh. It would figure that the bunny would take a role in his speech development after he has had such an influence on his physical development. After all, Dexter, I am sure, was the reason Eliot started to crawl when he did. I doubt Dexter really appreciates all of the new, loud, exclamations of his name near his big ears but he does just about anything for extra attention these days. These hot days are hard on the little guy but he still manages a few big hops and skitters across the floor to Eliot's extreme excitement.

In Eliot news, he started clapping today. I thought he was making the sign for more so he ate way more cheese than he really needed this morning. Who knows, maybe he was? We have been working on signing with him for a few words: milk, more, food, and ball. I forget about it half the time, and I am not sure he is paying attention, but I suppose it can't hurt.

In craft news, I am almost done with the pants. I cut out all of the linings and pinned everything together. Now it is just a matter of sewing them up and putting in the elastic. I picked up a couple of onsies to make the coordinating tops so, I am almost done! It has taken me a TON longer than I thought and altogether it has been a good learning experience as far as time management goes. At least now I know what to far...

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