Thursday, August 09, 2007


Exciting news.. Eliot has said his first word besides Mama and Dada! This happened 2 days ago. I thought it was a fluke but it has been repeated over and over since then. Today he actually started saying another one (I think) but I will wait until he says it again in context to see if it is really it. Anyone have any guesses before I make the reveal? I was trying to think of some kind of prize for the winner but I wasn't sure what anyone would want.

I took some really bad pictures of my craft progress today so I won't be posting those until I get some better light. At least, I assure you, progress is being made. I have been inspired by Queen Anne's Lace especially in the latest item. It has such beautiful symmetry and grows in such lousy conditions. I like driving along and seeing it popping up in vacant lots and beside broken down things.

1 comment:

Kevin Gardella said...

I think he said volgons

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