Thursday, August 23, 2007

nearly done!

The pants are done! Or..will be done as soon as I launder and press them again. I am not calling the completely done until I take GOOD pictures of them for the new site either. I made little matching onesies for them that are laundering as I type. That said, I now need to get down to Ms. Lulu's and get them sold!
Kevin is going to be selling his wares at the Sidewalk Art Festival this Saturday. Hopefully it is fruitful as well. He made a sweet little bunny drawing after my favorite little children's book, The Runaway Bunny, last night. I think I will have him watercolor it and put it up in Eliot's room. Poor Eliot, his room is such a disaster...Another project to work on : ) I should show a before and after.. the before might shame me into making his room a nice space.

This is a drawing that Kevin drew and I stitched on. It was a fun little collaboration we did a while back. It might be fun to revisit this at some point too.

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