Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sleeping babe

I love how this little boy sleeps. He scrunches up into a little ball with his hands and feet all tucked in. This was a rare day when I didn't want him to sleep and he would not wake up for anything! Ahh the way things work...So, I took advantage and snapped a few pictures before tickling his feet and kissing him awake.

I am almost done with 3 little pairs of pants (part of my project I have been talking about). My goal is to have the outer parts all done and cut out all of the comfy flannel lining by tonight. Kevin has the night off so my plans may get sidetracked for family time...but that's OK. I have a few new ideas cooking up that have stemmed from this recent creativity. It feels nice to be making again.

ps. I was able to put my sewing maching back together after much thinking, staring and swearing. Thank you Steve for all of your help!

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