Monday, August 06, 2007

Because I'm the Mom

Because I haven't uploaded the pictures from this weekend I thought I would give you something funny to watch. Oh lord I hope I don't end up sounding like this although, I have heard plenty of it before...

We had a nice weekend these last two days. We spent a lot of time working on projects and had a nice BBQ with Kevin's co-workers. The Hostess's house was really gorgeous with amazing gardens and two very curious dogs. Eliot enjoyed watching them and teasing them with his toys. Kevin and I also, had our first date in a very long time on Friday night. We walked the Art Walk and then had dinner at Bibo's Mad Apple Cafe. We both had a fantastic time eating and looking and running into lovely friends.

I was able to get a lot done as far as crafting and making, this weekend, but also managed to disassemble my sewing machine without paying attention to how I did it. I remembered (after taking it apart) that I had problems the last time I did it too. Why I didn't remember that before I took it apart? I wish I could tell you. hopefully I have more patience today!

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