Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It is nice to have titles..

I am still playing with my layout for this little blog. I hope you all don't mind the experimenting! I am almost done with one tiny project that I am working on. I should have most of it done tonight and, once I get some elastic wasit tape, I should be complete. I'll post about that soon. It is very simple really but I hope it will be a hit.

Most of the things I am working on are Fall/Winter related. I figured if I could give myself a few months to work on things I might actually get them done. Here is one of the items that will be getting made:
It was a really hot day when I took this picture. It was a little hard to put on a winter scarf with wool lining but a crafsters got to do.. I made this a few years ago and it has always been on my mind to make more. It actually started out as an actual quilt that I got too lazy to finish! It is quite warm and has gotten a lot of use these few years.

This is some of the fabric I picked up to start making them. They will be a mix of new and vintage materials. Country modern, I think, would be a good way to describe these scarves. Really, that is a good way to describe just about everything I make.

Now that the babe is sound asleep (for now) I should get to work!

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