Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good news! I now have a home Internet connection...woot woot.. granted it is very slow at the moment but that should be remedied soon. Trying to connect to a Mac from a PC is remarkably more complicated than I would have expected.

Lots of visiting this week! Lots of pictures to show over the coming days of that. I have been taking lots of pictures of my craft area and my little helpers. I also had a great conversation with a new shop owner downtown who was excited to hear about some of my ideas. start hunkering down to make things!

Here are a few random things I have been working on/have happened this past week:

Trying out some fabric manipulation techniques.

Baby and Daddy playing at Grandma's house.

A couple of naked bunnies I found for a steal at a yard sale. They need some clothes and new homes!

Playing with Grandpa's hat.

Cutting out fabric for another project.

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