Monday, July 16, 2007

Good morning! We had a busy weekend. We went to the wedding of my cousin in NH. We passed so many yard sales along the way I kept having to catch my breath and do some deep breathing because we didn't have time to stop. Eliot did well and managed to sleep pretty well that evening. And.. drum roll please... I have pictures!
These two were taken at the wedding. Trying to wrangle Eliot on the dance floor and keep from eating the rose petals:
He had a good time standing and showing off for the relatives.

Sunday we ( I should say Kevin) spent doing a lot of house stuff like hanging towel bars, cleaning and various childproofing. It rained A LOT! A very stormy day. I managed to catch a raindrop in mid splash from our little porch (click for a more detailed image):

I have been working hard to get some crafting work going. This is a sneak peak of a bag that I am working on. It is a combo of machine and hand embroidery on a linen blended fabric. I need to cut out a handle and sew it up. I have another one in the works that I am going to try some different embroidery on and a little bit of applique and fabric manipulation.

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