Friday, July 06, 2007

My blog is looking a little naked without pictures! We have been taking some really fun ones of the adventures of Eliot. Eliot by the sea side, Eliot eating grass, playing airplane with Dad and sleeping in the car seat. We went to Fort Williams yesterday and had a little sit down while watching the waves. I really like the rock beach there. The sound of the waves going in and out rustling up the round stones is like a maraca shaking. We have been lucky enough to have gorgeous 75 degree days for almost a week with no humidity. Seems as though it has turned around to some showers today but, at least, I do get more done when it rains.

Kevin has been hanging a lot of art around the house. I think he gets nostalgic for Australia on these occasions.

My computer is now at the shop. They said they would call me either today or the beginning of next week to let me know how much it will cost and how long it will take. Feels like a loooong time to me, although Kevin has said he has been enjoying the electronic free life. We put the TV away but he has been playing a lot with the new video camera he got. Fun toy.

Well.. I feel like I am rambling on. Have a lovely day and stay tuned for LOTS of pictures : ).

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