Friday, August 31, 2007

A Little Bunny Live!

The site is up earlier than expected! I ground some gears and got it done If you notice any spelling or other odd errors please let me know.

Next, I think I am going to work on an offshoot site for my photography. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Much Better

The second photo shoot went much, much better! I am proud (and grateful) to Eliot for being so cooperative. We went to the park around the corner and let him roam free in the grass. I was a little paranoid about stains but he did a great job! I think next time I will have Kevin, the lovely assistant, wrangle some kind of bounce card to get more light towards his face. But.. for now the pictures will do. I am plugging along at the website and got a lot done today. I have a few more pages to do before it goes live, which will hopefully be in about a week. I would like to figure out Pay Pal, but I think for now I will have people email me with if they want to order something.

After getting my car out of the body shop today (hit and run.. that's a whole other post...) I hit the mother load of vintage sheets at Goodwill. I felt a little like I was on a hidden camera show, waiting for someone to come out of the back room and tell me to put them back, so I was trying to play it cool instead of beaming ear to ear. They will be great for Spring/Summer baby clothes, quilt and scarf backings. Can't beat the under $1 price tag! I also found a couple of interesting sweaters that I will use for some really cozy baby pants.

Before I head off to keep working on the site I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the new shoot:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photo Shoot

Photo shoot gone grumpy. He was absolutely not into having his picture taken this morning. This is the only semi and not so reasonable image that came out of it. Little pouty face boy. It is a beautiful day, I think we are going to try and get a better shoot outdoors and see what happens.

Monday, August 27, 2007


There was a lot of visiting this week(end). My Cousin was up visiting with her two children and husband. We went to the park at Fort Williams to see the light house and the rocky beach. Eliot had fun eating more rocks as usual. Someone had spent a lot of time building a really interesting rock pile/sculpture with the rounded beach stones. It was as tall, if not taller, than me and quite intricate. There were also a lot of yellow weedy flowers that looked striking against the gray stones.

I have gotten most of my little present done for the winner of the word contest tonight. I will take some pictures and post them after it arrives so that I don't ruin the surprise : )

Have a good night everyone!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Round 1

This is round 1 in the pants photographing. The color came out accurately but I am not sure that I like this image completely. I like the clean background but I am a little disappointed at the pixilation around the edges. I need to get my clip lights out to get more detail out of the fabric. I am happy I have gotten the process started! This has been such a good learning experience. Any thoughts? Christopher (little brother)?

Otherwise I made a really yummy vodka sauce on whole wheat pasta for dinner tonight. I am trying to make more meals to freeze for when I am feeling to frenzied to cook. Also, to save a little money! The Indian Spiced Lentil soup I made a few days ago was a hit. I am always up for a good recipe if anyone has any of those either. Next one on the list is a beef paprika dish. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

nearly done!

The pants are done! Or..will be done as soon as I launder and press them again. I am not calling the completely done until I take GOOD pictures of them for the new site either. I made little matching onesies for them that are laundering as I type. That said, I now need to get down to Ms. Lulu's and get them sold!
Kevin is going to be selling his wares at the Sidewalk Art Festival this Saturday. Hopefully it is fruitful as well. He made a sweet little bunny drawing after my favorite little children's book, The Runaway Bunny, last night. I think I will have him watercolor it and put it up in Eliot's room. Poor Eliot, his room is such a disaster...Another project to work on : ) I should show a before and after.. the before might shame me into making his room a nice space.

This is a drawing that Kevin drew and I stitched on. It was a fun little collaboration we did a while back. It might be fun to revisit this at some point too.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Were Back

Were back with lots of pictures and Eliot news. First...He is walking! Kevin's birthday was on Friday and Eliot took his first steps to celebrate. He hasn't looked back since. He has been practicing with full focus and physical might all weekend. It has been quite charming, probably because he can't run yet : ) We spent lots of time on the beach and visiting with friends and family. Here is a little re-cap in pictures:

Ed's famous apple pancakes!

Walking to the waves with no fear at all!

Beth looking at the beautiful quartzy sand.

Sabine working on her pound of dirt.

Lichen slowly taking over a tree.

Baby toes.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beach Afternoon

We had a nice late afternoon at the beach two days ago with an old friend of Kevin's and his fiance. We BBQed and walked in the sand. The season is just starting to take its turn toward fall this week. The Rose Hips are out and the sun is beginning to get that low angle earlier and earlier.

We are headed down to Cape Cod for the weekend so I won't be posting for a few days. My goal is to get the baby clothes done tonight and take lots of pictures while were gone. Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Childhood bunny

Maybe this is where it all started?

I actually remember the shoes more than the outfit. The picture is little dark but it was the best I could do with a rephotographed Polaroid.

Eliot is in full teething mode so I am about to head to bed (8pm) in hopes to catch a few winks before he gets up again. I remember a whole lot more about what I dream about when I am woken up so much. It tends to make me very thoughtful and day dreamy throughout the day. Twinings tea keeps me going. Have a good night and I will be back soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Guess!

Yay! Thank you Heather for taking a guess..and you're not even family! Sheesh! Drum roll please...The word was... DEXTER! He pronounces it more like deh-tuh. It would figure that the bunny would take a role in his speech development after he has had such an influence on his physical development. After all, Dexter, I am sure, was the reason Eliot started to crawl when he did. I doubt Dexter really appreciates all of the new, loud, exclamations of his name near his big ears but he does just about anything for extra attention these days. These hot days are hard on the little guy but he still manages a few big hops and skitters across the floor to Eliot's extreme excitement.

In Eliot news, he started clapping today. I thought he was making the sign for more so he ate way more cheese than he really needed this morning. Who knows, maybe he was? We have been working on signing with him for a few words: milk, more, food, and ball. I forget about it half the time, and I am not sure he is paying attention, but I suppose it can't hurt.

In craft news, I am almost done with the pants. I cut out all of the linings and pinned everything together. Now it is just a matter of sewing them up and putting in the elastic. I picked up a couple of onsies to make the coordinating tops so, I am almost done! It has taken me a TON longer than I thought and altogether it has been a good learning experience as far as time management goes. At least now I know what to far...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Web News

More good news! is now up! It is just an under construction page but it is on its way! I have the basic page set up, now I just need the content. This is going to be a busy weekend of working out the last details of my little projects and getting them out there in the world of commerce. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

ps...I know someone at least has a guess for the word...c'mon...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Exciting news.. Eliot has said his first word besides Mama and Dada! This happened 2 days ago. I thought it was a fluke but it has been repeated over and over since then. Today he actually started saying another one (I think) but I will wait until he says it again in context to see if it is really it. Anyone have any guesses before I make the reveal? I was trying to think of some kind of prize for the winner but I wasn't sure what anyone would want.

I took some really bad pictures of my craft progress today so I won't be posting those until I get some better light. At least, I assure you, progress is being made. I have been inspired by Queen Anne's Lace especially in the latest item. It has such beautiful symmetry and grows in such lousy conditions. I like driving along and seeing it popping up in vacant lots and beside broken down things.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sleeping babe

I love how this little boy sleeps. He scrunches up into a little ball with his hands and feet all tucked in. This was a rare day when I didn't want him to sleep and he would not wake up for anything! Ahh the way things work...So, I took advantage and snapped a few pictures before tickling his feet and kissing him awake.

I am almost done with 3 little pairs of pants (part of my project I have been talking about). My goal is to have the outer parts all done and cut out all of the comfy flannel lining by tonight. Kevin has the night off so my plans may get sidetracked for family time...but that's OK. I have a few new ideas cooking up that have stemmed from this recent creativity. It feels nice to be making again.

ps. I was able to put my sewing maching back together after much thinking, staring and swearing. Thank you Steve for all of your help!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The past few weeks

Visiting the Pier

Looking at the rain

Helping Mama with her crafting

Looking at flowers

Playing in Grandma's garden

Eliot's first concert

Monday, August 06, 2007

More Mother

Because I am on a You Tube kick..

Here's some Total Momsense

Because I'm the Mom

Because I haven't uploaded the pictures from this weekend I thought I would give you something funny to watch. Oh lord I hope I don't end up sounding like this although, I have heard plenty of it before...

We had a nice weekend these last two days. We spent a lot of time working on projects and had a nice BBQ with Kevin's co-workers. The Hostess's house was really gorgeous with amazing gardens and two very curious dogs. Eliot enjoyed watching them and teasing them with his toys. Kevin and I also, had our first date in a very long time on Friday night. We walked the Art Walk and then had dinner at Bibo's Mad Apple Cafe. We both had a fantastic time eating and looking and running into lovely friends.

I was able to get a lot done as far as crafting and making, this weekend, but also managed to disassemble my sewing machine without paying attention to how I did it. I remembered (after taking it apart) that I had problems the last time I did it too. Why I didn't remember that before I took it apart? I wish I could tell you. hopefully I have more patience today!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good day to be naked

It was a hot one today! We still haven't hooked up the air conditioner. It is sitting on the bedroom floor just waiting to be used. I suppose now would be the time but I just can't seem to make myself (or Kevin) put it in. It would probably help to keep the smell of our our late night visitor out of the room. We have had a little skunk issue lately. I think it might live under the back porch. It definitely roams around in very close vicinity to my bedroom window, nightly, around 2am. Eliot has been sleeping pretty well lately..maybe there is a correlation??

Otherwise, it feels like it has been a busy week. I have been in recovery mode from all of the activities the last two weeks.
We took a little trip up to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. That was fun. I always go to get my once yearly fix of fried dough. I did without the cotton candy this time but it did cross my mind. I think Eliot enjoyed the business and bright colors as much as I enjoyed my snack.

Look at that determined face! He has been fascinated by my sewing activities lately. This sewing box was a great find at the 75 State Street yard sale they had a while back. I got it for 10 Cents! It has come in very handy.

Today we spent some time at Grammies house doing laundry. He wandered around outside and spent most of his time with a bare bottom. It was a nice day to wander without clothes. My mother was a good sounding board for the little things I am working on.

It is supposed to be another beautiful hot few days around here and I am trying to line up a date with Daddy-O tomorrow night for the Art Walk. I hope the babysitting stars align just right!
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