Monday, December 03, 2007

snowy day

we are having our first real snow storm of the year today. we are supposed to be getting about a foot or so. we are close to the water so it may be a little less. i like how cozy it feels to be inside when it is snowing. i took this out the window as someone was walking by with an umbrella. i always think that is a little funny in a snow storm.

eliot got to try out his first pair of boots! it took a while to get them on, he likes to scrunch is feet when i put shoes on him. i thought he would hate these but it turns out he really liked them. he clomped around the house for quite a while after he got his 'sea legs'.

here are some little tea bag softies that i made a while ago that i think i will bring to the fair with me. these particular ones are in need of a little repair after their tea strings got tangled up. they are tiny, a good use of left over wool scraps.

kevin is working on some designs for onsies for me.

and the owl is finished! i hope it is well received!

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kris said...

oh winter! i am so jealous! its coming into summer here and as soon as the weather warms to about 25 i start getting cranky and its doesn't stop til late march. i hate the heat! when i'm rich i'll follow the winter across the world! oh to be cozy!

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