Thursday, December 06, 2007

an eye full

this is how my day began. it was a really beautiful, bright sunny day that started with saturated golden light rising up over the neighbors roofs.

i took the day off to have my eyes dilated again. it is quite an odd experience if you have never had it done before. but, to save the day, you get to wear really sassy sunglasses. eliot thought they were irresistible. it did make the bright sun a little too bright but i hunkered down in our living room with the shades drawn. it was still a little intense for a while but really not that big of a deal. the eye dr. warned me to be careful who's eyes i chose to look into today as dilated pupils are a sign of interest in others heehee.

and finally a little picture of eliot wearing the jacket i kept for him. i think a couple of moths got to the fabric so there are a few little holes on the sleeve that i didnt notice until after it was sewn. i cant sell it so i thought i would keep it for him. im working on some better pictures but this was as good as i could get today. please ignore the background chaos :)

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