Tuesday, December 11, 2007


this was the scene out eliot's bedroom window at 2am last night! i didnt wake up to the sirens or the lights, it wasn't until i heard the beeping of trucks backing up that i jumped out of bed. i was ready to be pissed off at the tow trucks after all of the prior entanglements i have had with them when instead it was several fire trucks.

there were 3 fires in portland last night, this was the worst of them, and it was practically next door. two people had to be rescued. it is quite an emotional thing to watch someones home burning. it made me asses what is important in my own life and how i would respond in an emergency. it really is sad because i know the people living there are really living tough lives, im sure they do not have insurance.

as a result eliot woke up and stayed up from 2-6 this morning. needless to say i am pretty tired and i dont think i am going to get much done other than crashing into a pillow tonight. good thing i have tomorrow off!

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Heather L. said...

I'm so sorry! what a thing to see, and then to actually know who it is happening to. I'm so thankful it wasn't you guys. I hope you get some rest today.

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