Thursday, December 13, 2007

cover your eyes

well, the day i have been working so hard towards has come and gone with great success. the place was packed the entire time and i sold enough to make me happy. i talked to a lot of really great people and received many encouraging comments and useful feedback. it was a very productive night! and yes.. that is a drawing of a nude man behind me and to the left above that was a 3ft photograph of a man with track marks up and down his arm, and to the left of that was a photograph of a man in his tighty-whities playing the guitar on a city street. the gallery was having a open and non curated show where anyone could show anything. great concept and some really interesting things. i probably would have been better situated under the kids drawings but i dont think the paintings hurt sales :).

oakie the dog is the subject of this next photograph. i finally finished this little commission this morning. he was fun, although i think he looks a little like a deer.

eliot's first christmas tree experience was a little harrowing for my mother. i told her if she dare put ornaments on the bottom branches she would have to play baby wrangler not me. so, the baby wrangling ensued with lots of fun for grammie and baby and only a couple of broken ornaments by the end of the evening.

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Heather L. said...

I'm so glad the sale went so well! It was fun to see you and Eliot in front of the display!

I managed to get on the sewing machine yesterday!!!! I worked out a pattern for my daughter's doll and got one dress completed. I'm hoping to make 2 more, plus a skirt and bonnet. We'll see. My muscles are still recovering from the summer and not used to this kind of work. It's so fun though!

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