Sunday, December 09, 2007

new digs

we went over to the new place yesterday to get a few things done before we start really moving. kevin painted the walls in eliots room and we decided on the childproofing we need to do. the walls came out nicely although we still need to do some touch up.

a few of the nice things about the new digs are the brick wall and exposed beams in the living room, the nice view, and great building security. it is actually a condo so i am hoping the other building residents are respectful. i want to find out the history of the building. it must have been some kind of industrial space.

here is kevin being as sassy as possible. the orange wall might take some getting used to but our landlord said we could paint it if we want to.

my final stacks for the craft fair, done! hats, pants and jackets. kevin put together some pegboard with hinges for me today (he is being very industrious this weekend) so i can hang up several things instead of having it all flat. hopefully i can work out the logistics tonight and work out any kinks in the display before wed.

my trusty pink string. i just thought it looked pretty by the window so i shot a picture. there is so much on this roll i dont think i will ever run out..and i got it for 10 cents! i really like the color and nubby linen feel of it. ive been using it to tag the clothes.

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Heather L. said...

It's always exciting to have a new place to live! The brick wall is really nice! Your stacks look so great! I think it would be so fun to have a stall at a fair. The pink string is a beautiful picture! It's one of my favorite colors!!!

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