Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stenciling and Spring Peepers

I have started another Alabama Chanin project. I certainly won't be fitting into it for a long time with the growing belly but I figure by the time I can fit into it I will be finished. Plus it will be good motivation to get back to my pre-baby size a little faster than the first time.

I'm working on the Quilted and Inked Camisole Dress. The pattern is from her 2nd book. I also got some supplies to make a skirt from her 3rd book after the dress is done. I received a ton of 50% off coupons to the fabric store so I couldn't resist.

I had cut out a smaller version of this patter for the tunic shirt I made a while back. I had cut it out on paper so it really didn't last. This time I am using vinyl that I was able to find by the yard. Hopefully that with some spray adhesive will do the trick when stenciling this dress.

The birds are back around here in full force. Along with the bugs and butterflies. I have been thinking about making (or having Kevin make) me a feather stamp/lino block print to make some custom curtains.

This is a special day too as we heard the peepers for the first time this year last night! That is always my first indicator of spring. I even slept with the windows open!

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