Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meet Lucky

We have all kinds of new members of the family coming along of the furry, feathered, fishy and human kind. Soon I will share some pictures of the two Angora bunnies we rescued. At the end of June I will share about the one in my belly but for now I've got the newest member of the menagerie, Lucky.

Eliot and I happened into a pet store a while back and he became enamored with the parakeets. So, he immediately started saving, quarter by quarter, to earn one. We spent time reading lots of books and learning about parakeets and their behavior. Then we happened to find a bird rescue that happened to have exactly what he wanted. We spent a lot of time talking to the woman who runs the facility and we took home Lucky. He is still getting used to us but he lets Eliot pet his head and step on his fingers already.

He is so colorful and likes to chirp at the birds that come to the window feeder, especially the Cardinals. He is a sweet little guy, I am looking forward to watching his personality develop.

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