Thursday, March 22, 2012


The weather here, like everywhere else, has been amazingly warm. My garden is popping up everywhere - even my perennial herbs are popping up. I saw these the other day and couldn't remember what it was until the leaves started to unfurl. We will be enjoying rhubarb soon!

Eliot and I decided to let one of the bunnies come out and enjoy some of the green grass coming up. This is Rosie the more outgoing and friendly of the two bunnies. Smokey is very sweet too but Rosie has taken the spot as favorite for Eliot. It is a little silly to see a bunny on a leash but it certainly makes me smile! Kevin has really been the main bunny keeper of the house. He is so good at brushing them and cleaning their cages. Hopefully, I will learn to spin one of these days.

Eliot declared that he wanted to learn how to play chess a couple of days ago. So, we took a detour to goodwill yesterday and found a chess board/combo game set for a few dollars, plus I scored a couple of pieces of maternity clothes, whoohoo.

He really likes the idea of the battle and strategy. He stuck with it for a good hour yesterday. It reminded me of learning how to play against my Dad when I was a kid. I was even in chess club!

So, here's to warm weather and spending more time outside. Eliot is off to play golf with my mom today!

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Heather L. said...

What a beautiful bunny! It's so nice to have you back to blogging. I wonder if I missed the arrival of the bunnies?

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