Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have been trying my hand at felt flowers on and off over the last few months. My craft room has been dissasembled and dispersed around the house as we are slowly redoing our upstairs. Small projects have been my crafting outlet - although my sights have gotten bigger.

This is a Dahlia that I sewed together after being inspired by some pictures I found online. I didn't glue them together as suggested but hand sewed them instead. It was moderately time consuming and not as stable as I might like but it looks pretty on a wreath I have hanging in my kitchen (picture forthcoming).
These are also so nice and portable to bring around and work on here and there while waiting around. My favorite flower inspiration is Heather her flowers are so pretty.

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

Looks beautiful! This is what I am afraid of with dahlias -- I haven't tried them myself but am afraid of time consuming and I would want to handsew them as you did.

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