Friday, March 23, 2012

New Clothes

Trying my hand at baby clothes again. I haven't made anything this small in a while. These are the reversible pants from this book. I found the directions to be a little hard to follow but I tend to have a hard time visualizing in 3d anyway. I keep making things with these two fabric combos. They are light and soft and contrasting.

Some booties to match from the same book. These took me FOREVER to make. They are cute, but I deviated from the pattern at the end because I just couldn't figure out what she meant for directions. There is a nursing shirt I'd like to try from the book but I am a little hesitant after making these two items. I will probably make the pants again, though. A little bit of buyers remorse considering there are so many cute and free booty and baby patterns on the web.

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