Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wishfull Thinking

It is a very rainy day today here in Maine. The rain makes a good day for getting things done inside. Kevin has a training at work in the morning so I took the day off for lack of babysitters. I did some crafting during Eliot's first nap and now I am catching up on house work for nap number 2. I put a new shelving unit in the bathroom for the odds and ends that were accumulating and took apart the pack n' play in Eliot's room that he has been sleeping in. I am sick of having 2 cribs in there. I put a few makeshift bumpers out of fleece baby blankets around where he has his head so that hopefully he won't wake himself up by knocking into the bars.

I have visions of rearranging it in there so that it is a little more baby friendly. I am getting there slowly but surely. I think I would like to do something on the walls like this:

They make theirs out of old wallpaper but I think fabric modpodged onto matte board or something would work just fine. Maybe if he takes another nap?? Wishful Thinking!

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