Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am making lots of craft progress. I took out all of the sweaters I have accumulated over the past year or so and tried to decide which ones to turn into what. I still haven't totally decided but progress has been made. I took all of the ones I have washed and rewashed and cut them up into pieces. It was a little sad to cut up a few as they were my favorite sweaters before being accidentally shrunk. None-the-less it was a little therapeutic to do so much disassembly last night!

Some of the cut up piles with the trusty cutting scissors at the ready.

Piles of sweaters to be washed.

The organized (semi) chaos.

Some of the first results, although not completely done yet.

And.. Ta Da the jacket. The little monkey is sleeping right now, I was temped to wake him up to take a picture :) but of course, sleep is much more important! I will get some better pictures, especially when I put the buttons on.

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