Tuesday, September 04, 2007


We had a fabulous long weekend! It was the perfect weather to herald the end of Summer and bring in the new Fall season. We spent most of the day on Saturday on the beach with my soon to be Sister and Brother in law. I love the attention Eliot gets from his Uncle and Auntie. Soon we will be bundled up in scarfs and hats so I was trying to get as much sun as possible.

Fall is really starting to be upon us. The leaves have started to change and the nights are cool. It makes for good sleeping weather but makes me a little too sleepy in general! I have to keep on task to get anything done. My goal for this evening is to take out all of the sweaters I have found to take a look at the lot and decide what they will be turned into...should be fun.

I came across this picture (below) while I was looking for pictures of our weekend. It is like Eliot leads a double life. Kevin takes care of him in the mornings while I go off to work so they have their Father-Son adventures. Sometimes I don't hear about them all but I run across them in the picture files. It always makes me a little sad to think I missed out on parts of his day but good to know that he is with his dad and having lots of fun. Kevin took him to see all of his hundreds of Grandma's at the local assisted living home on this outing. Eliot loves chasing the ladies with their walkers and to copy them by pushing his stroller around. He is looking more and more like a little boy every day!

On a crafty note I made a little red corduroy jacket for Eliot this weekend. It was fun to make and looks so cute! I need to find some big brown buttons to finish it off. I will show you pictures when I am done.


Heather said...

I loved that last picture of Eliot at the retirement home! That is great that your husband takes him there! My Mom took us when we were little and we grew up very comfortable around older people. Can't wait to see a picture of your little cord jacket.

Kevin Gardella said...

You had to put the picture in of me and tim looking pregos didn't you. That is it, I am doing a photoblog devoted to pictures of you while you wake up in the morning and or have a mud mask on.
love guess who?

Anonymous said...

Jess, that camera of yours adds 40 pounds! (5 for me, and 35 for Kevin). Great pictures otherwise though- those jackets are cool, do they come in XXXL?

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