Friday, September 07, 2007


I am glad it's Friday. This week has gone by very slowly for me. I think part of it has to do with Eliot's sleep regression again. sleep deprivation is hard on production!

Yesterday we bought the babe his first pair of shoes. Very cute blue and white PediPeds. I will take a picture soon. I also found the right buttons for the red jacket, so I hope to have that done this weekend.

Hat and mitten production is coming along nicely with 2 hats nearly done and two pairs of mittens also, nearly done. I would like to get about 6 or so finished then start really cranking out scarves and working on any pant orders that come in. I hope to have a more coherent collection next season instead of a hodgepodge of things. Learning as I go!

Kevin and I are going to try to make it on the art walk tonight. Have a nice weekend and I will post pictures soon!

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