Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sugar Buzz

The annual Maple Syrup Sunday adventure happened this past weekend.  We went to Nash Valley Farm this year - same as last year.  

Lots of syrup to choose from.  We bought a gallon (!) of dark amber.  I like the darker variety because it has  a more distinct flavor.

I took a couple of pictures of their cows and this one looked so much like it is about to tell a joke that I had to give it one. Corny, I know.

The highlight of the day being the consumption of massive amounts of maple cotton candy.

Kevin posing with the goods.

They were boiling the sap in the sugar shack - it smelled so good.  It was like a sugar sauna.

Enjoying ice cream with Grammie.  Needless to say there certainly was enough sugar had by all.  I wouldn't mind tapping some trees someday but I don't think we would get much from the small ones in our little patch of woods.  It might be fun to give it a try though.

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