Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bagpipes Here I Come!

The idea of learning how to play the bagpipes has been rattling around in my head since I was about 12 years old.  I remember hearing someone play and my father making the suggestion that I could learn how to do it.  I half hazardly looked around for a teacher then but didn't find a good or convenient fit.  

A couple of weeks ago the idea appealed to me again and I came across a non profit band that teaches new players for free!  I bought my practice chanter and I've had my first lesson!  I find it amazing that the opportunity fell in to my lap so quickly after the initial search and also that the babysitting stars seem to be aligning, too.  To have all of that work out is kind of amazing especially with our wacky work schedules and Willow's sensitivities.  This will be the FIRST thing I have done entirely for myself on a regular basis with out kids or husband since having Eliot.  I think after nearly 7 years an hour out of the house once a week is justified!  

The chanter is an interesting sounding instrument.  It is sort of like a clarinet crossed with a kazoo.  It has a reed and is a little tricky to hold right now for me.  But, I am determined.  After a year I get to try the actual pipes!

Now I need to go and make a nice crafty case for it.  I am thinking some flannel and embroidery is in order.

And why end my streak of silly baby pictures now?

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little macaroon. said...

Oh my gosh - having grown up surrounded by the sound of my brothers learning the bagpipes, I salute you. It's a tough ask, but when you get there it'll be a massive achievement. (And you will, with a great deal of practice.) And I'm so glad to hear someone who appreciates the beauty of our national instrument - most consider it an instrument of torture, but it's really ever so beautiful, especially outdoors! (Just imagine yourself striding through a heather-covered glen by Loch Ness :-)

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