Monday, March 18, 2013

Greening Up

We had a really fun, busy weekend over here.  We had visitors and a parade and lots of food.  

Things are starting to try and green up inside and out, too.  I noticed my orchid has a couple of new leaves and stems coming up.  This will be my first attempt at getting an orchid to flower for a 2nd time.  It seems to be headed in that direction.  Outside, despite the temperature being 16 at 8 am, my lilies are starting to poke up through the dirt next to the house.  My garden plans keep expanding!

Our second set of visitors included another little baby.  Her oldest boy and Eliot are two weeks apart and these two littlest are only 3 months apart.  They are both happy little kiddos.  Willow was in rare form showing off her vocal abilities.  

The boys had a great time playing loads of trains and marbles.  We would hear them bursting out in laughter now and then, that is always nice! 

I'm getting closer to finishing the knitted bunny.  Here it is in its disembodied state.  I have one arm left to do and hopefully enough yard to redo the ears.  the pattern is a little clunky in my opinion and there must be a mistake with the ears because I did them both the same and they are way too short to be rabbit ears.  They look more like dog ears to me.  Ah well, easy enough to fix.  Once it has its clothing and maybe a couple of felt flowers here and there it will be perfect for the Easter basket.

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