Tuesday, January 29, 2008

missing summer

i have been missing summer a lot the past few days. i try to be a good sport about winter but around this time the lack of sun starts to set in and i get tired. im sure eliots teething marathon isnt helping but getting outside, no matter how cold, helps me. it was warm enough today for some good puddles to start forming and a very cute puddle jumper had a blast. i think it was his first puddle splashing experience. of course it all happens when the mama was without her camera or extra clothes. good thing grandma has a washer and drier!

good A Little Bunny news to share too. i am going to be selling some things out of the Ann Veronica shop in Cape Elizabeth. i had a great chat with the woman that runs the shop and she is very excited about what i have to offer. i think it will lead to good things. it means i will be very busy sewing over the next few weeks as she would like things up in the shop by the 9th! if not then by mid feb. *whew* i have a lot of work ahead of me! i will post about my progress, hopefully with current pictures next time :). for now, enjoy a couple of pictures from last summer.

Friday, January 25, 2008

back in the swing

trying to get back into the s(e)wing of things. i cut out a little cardigan and a pair of linen pants for a baby on the way. i asked kevin for some sewing time this weekend so hopefully i will be able to finish them. i am going to show some things to a new retail shop next week too so hopefully that will spur some creativity.

eliot has been having fun with shoes lately. here he is showing off his fine chewing skills on his favorite pair. the little guy is teething in a BIG way. his eye teeth are coming in and it is making for rough nights. they look like they have just poked through so hopefully the worst is over.

and.. my little sewing area is finally in working order. the only thing left to do is to get a light to hang over so i can see at night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hat model

my little hat model. this is one of those works in progress that never seem to get done but i dont want to leave half finished. it is an adult hat with some embroidery around the top. eliot was kind enough to model for me. he doesnt mind hats too much so it wasnt a big stretch. i am excited about the potential of the brick wall for future photo shoots.

i couldnt resist adding this one. his new favorite face is the scrunched up one. he has been raising his shoulders and scrunching his face while saying 'uh oh'. It comes across as more of a 'whatever' or 'oh well', usually after he has tossed something he knows he is not supposed to.

watching daddy have a shave. this made me very sentimental and wispy for my own childhood. i remember watching my dad shave and thinking it was so grown up and kind of strange.

Monday, January 21, 2008


playing around with my camera i followed a little piece of string down my shelves of fabric. i should have these organized today. once i fill one more bin and clear off the table i will be back in business! i have been doing a lot of sketching for the spring and fall ideas that keep coming to me so i will be ready to sew soon.

it is freezing cold outside, 14 degrees last i looked, so i dont have any excuse other than to work on getting this ready to go. i should have some new, in progress, things to show you soon..*click the picture for a bigger view*

Friday, January 18, 2008

to the park!

eliot and i went to the park this afternoon after a whirlwind trip to the grocery store. i was so worried about him getting fussy that i managed to forget just about everything i was supposed to get, and ended up with a very odd selection of things. he was, of course, very well behaved so the stress was all needless! but, the park was fun for both of us. he had a good time eating a pine cone, and talking to the squirrels. he is going to have so much fun this summer just running and chasing things.

this was the wrap up picture of our weekend last weekend. it pretty much says it all. i forgot to post it but it is too funny not too. a sleepy daddy in his favorite onsie .. ahem.. union suit.

and some small pieces of light.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


i have been musing a lot lately. i have been thinking about this blog and how i can improve on it and improve from it. a lot of blogs i have been reading recently (soule mama and 3191) have been turing their focus from actual crafting to taking artful pictures of their craft. not always my favorite shift, honestly, in some cases, i would rather see a bad picture of an interesting craft than an artful picture of a craft i can barely make out. that said, i do think it is a neat idea to really take (or try in any case) an interesting picture every day. my roots are in photography, and i really have been neglecting it. i think though, that i have been inspired enough to make it my goal to take an artful picture every day. of course, i will continue with my regular postings of eliot, and my usual crafty things. Hopefully, included with the bunch, will be something more interesting photographically to look at.

while i get in the swing of photographing artfully again, here are a few images from a series i did a few years ago called The Riverbend Series. all are cibachrome prints (printed the old fashioned way in the darkroom), untitled and limited editions.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blog break

sorry for the unannounced blog break. my energies have been spread a little thin but i am getting regrouped. we have wrapped up the loose ends at our last apartment (here on out referred to as the mistake) i got a craft table, albeit a temporary and not particularly attractive solution, but it will make a big difference in my productivity to have my sewing machine actually plugged in and on a table, and i have been training a new person at my 'real' job which is taking up a lot of my reserves. as for the crafting table, one of kevin's buddies is going to make me a table out of an old door i acquired many moons ago. im excited to see how it turns out!

the biggest news is the update of the site. above is what i decided on for the logo. it combines a few of the popular votes *thank you voters*. i am really happy with how it has turned out. pay pal is now integrated so that people can actually purchase directly from the shop. very exciting! it will probably undergo more updates as i keep assessing the functionality of the whole thing but i am pleased. check it out and let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


i am not the best hairdresser but eliot had his first haircut! it was a little more traumatic (for me) than i thought it was going to be. he was a real trooper and sat still the whole time. i admittedly cut the bangs way too short and should have cut them at a bit more of an angle than a blunt strait cut but at least he doesn't seem to care. im sure there will be years and years of haircuts for me to get in some practice. he looks like such a little guy now. he is loosing the baby fast!

here he is in a sleepy state (pre-haircut). he has been toting around the sling as a subtle hint for me to put him in it at night. he also has taken to following me around with the nursing pillow. very subtle. a little glimpse of our kitchen in this photo.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


this is a quilt i started before eliot was born and finished about two months ago. it took me a long time to get through it although if i had done it start to finish it really wouldnt have taken too long. it was a real joy to make and lots of memories are stitched into it.

it is hand embroidered with machine quilting. it ended up being a gift to eliots little friend sabine and her mother beth. it was supposed to be a gift for sabine when she was still really little as a thank you to beth for letting me use so many of her maternity clothes..sabine is now about to turn two! and there is another baby due in about two months...time to start working on something else!

I decided to put it on the new website as an option for people to order custom baby quilts. it is something i really enjoy doing will probably do regardless! i dont want to overextend myself but i also dont want to limit the site.

speaking of the site..it should be up within a week.. im about to send it out to be proofread and then i think it will hit the web. im sure i will continue to make small changes for a little while but i will let you know when it is up. thank you for your patience!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

snow, site and resolutions

we have had a lot of this going on around here...the guy that drives this tractor in the lot next to us has a great time zooming around during snow storms. i am a little jealous to be honest:

it has been nice to have a snowy holiday. i like winter when there is lots of snow. there is something about the anticipation of a snow storm that really gets me excited. i need to harness that excitement and use it for unpacking and organizing! we are almost done. well, at least with the unpacking of the boxes. we still have a lot of putting away and rearranging to do but it is going well. im many times happier, even with the chaos, in this place than i had been at the last one. plus, eliot is sleeping through the night almost every night! that is huge news for my sanity and hopefully my productivity.

i have been thinking a lot about resolutions and new beginnings lately. maybe because it is my 30th year? im not sure but i will be posting more about resolutions soon. they say making them publicly makes you more likely to follow through? we'll see.

i am really close to the new site being up and ready. i had a photo shoot with the pants this weekend that came out terrible so i am debating what to do. i think i am going to launch the site without them and put them up in a week or so. if anyone out there is a good proof reader and would like to go over the site before i put it up i would be grateful! i am really excited to hear what you think about the logo i chose and the whole set up...

here is eliot admiring his new ability to drool on purpose :) and my sassy pj's snuck in the background heh. and yes, he has a death grip on my cell phone. look at that long hair! little hippy!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

slow going

Happy new year! we are taking in the new year slowly but steadily. i started to attack the pile of fabric and sewing stuff this weekend. that made me feel better but i am still a little overwhelmed. the site has been my main focus still and has been a little more time consuming that i thought. it is nearly done though! probably another week realistically but but we'll hope for sooner. I'll share a preview of the photo shoot i had mentioned several posts earlier:

i am re shooting the pants and then its time to work on SPRING! yay.. im glad to start working on something new.
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