Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lot's of Busy

The biggest news of the day is that Eliot is now on two wheels!  He started working on this with major determination about 2 days ago.  He practiced coasting down my Mother's driveway and then yesterday we went to a open school lot where there was a nice gradual hill.  He coasted and turned then tried pedaling with success!  The newly acquired knee and elbow pads helped a little, too.

I'm glad it happened before baby so we could properly celebrate and give him loads of attention for it.  I think he has needed a little extra lately.

We went out for ice cream to celebrate.  He wants to keep celebrating today!  This funny hat came all the way from some friends of ours in Japan. It says "Ice cream roc and roll" and "Hello, do you like ice cream?" It's really silly and fantastic all at the same time.

And lastly we got some family photos together.  I took the opportunity to do another Mothering picture for my little series.  Eliot, of course, was game.  I think Friday is going to be my last day at work - I didn't realize how big my belly has gotten until I saw this picture!

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

How exciting for Eliot!!!!! Great idea to celebrate! Love your bump picture!! can't wait to hear news of the baby....

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