Friday, June 08, 2012

First in the nest

I thought I would make my first post back in a while about crafting.  I have been a busy bee lately.  We are just about done with the baby's room with a few finishing touches to go along with trim etc... that probably won't happen for a while but I am comfortable with it the way it is now.  Pictures will follow once we get some nice light.  I am due for a belly related self portrait, too.  Perhaps this weekend...

I have been sewing madly since Kevin moved the fish tank and I now have a sewing spot back again.  Unfortunately it is an albatross in the living room but once we do some more moving around and storing 'stuff'' I will be able to unearth the nice leather top antique table which is smaller and more attractive.  Much better than the white folding table with a sheet on top.  But, it is certainly functional and I am very happy for it!  

I have been turning my nesting sewing on myself most recently.  Is that fair?  I'm not sure if it is but it is happening anyway.  I like to have multiple projects going at once - especially ones that are transportable.  This is an Alabama Chanin dress that I have been thinking about since I bought the 2nd book.  It is the inked and quilted dress.  You may remember photos of the stencil I was cutting out a while back.  I got a wind of energy and finished that and dug out the fabric paint I had bought ages ago and got to work.  I took over the 'man cave' (garage) for a day and Eliot and Kevin gave me enough space that I got it done in one fell swoop.  

Now is the most time consuming part the quilting. After the stencil was done I drew around all of the shapes with a sharpie and now I am slowly stitching away at the dress.  I figure it will be a good project to work on here and there since I'm not really a knitter.  I hope by the time I am done I will fit into it!  

Some other projects I have going on include:
  • Stenciling curtains for both Eliot and Baby
  • A baby quilt that is in the design phase
  • I want to make some receiving blankets like these
  • Alabama Bucket Hat for Eliot with Dragons and Bats (his request)
  • Lots of other things that I will hopefully post about sooner than later...

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Heather L. said...

Yay!! Great to see your post! You sound very, creatively busy! Can't wait to hear baby news!

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