Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garage sales and more WIP

I found this kids size rocking chair at a garage sale this weekend along with a couple of other little things.  I debated about picking it up but it was just too cute.  I imagine Eliot rocking the baby or little dolls sitting in it.  Girl sewing is so fun!

I started working on a bucket hat for Eliot at his request.  He wanted it to have a dragon and bats in black with white on the front.  So after picking up a couple of t-shirts at goodwill the hat has begun.  It is a reverse applique stencil that I found via google images (actually a tattoo) and the hat pattern itself is based on the Alabama Chanin version in her new book.  Boy sewing can be fun, too. *

We were planning to do a family picture this weekend but I forgot about it by the time Kevin had to head to work.  I have something up my sleeve for it that I think will be kind of cute and funny but for now I put the camera on the table and had Eliot stand with me.  I don't have a lot of belly photos and there isn't much time left!

* Since finishing the post above I finished the hat.  It was really easy to work up and cheap to boot.  One more bath time and it was done.  I might put a brim on it but he is happy with it and that's what makes me smile.  I'm happy to at least be able to make something for him right now as he is getting pretty board with me and my lack of physical prowess.  I keep assuring him I will be back to mostly normal soon!  

On another note I planted about 10 tomato plants today after really forcing myself to go to the garden center.  I am finding it hard to deviate from the homeward path most days. Yesterday I planted seeds from whatever I could reach from my position sitting next to the garden boxes.  I have no idea what I put where but at least seeds are in the ground.  I feel a lot better now!  Almost done!

 A bit of a tough guy look.

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Heather L. said...

Love the rocker! I just bought one exactly like it except with a lower back for Laura! I couldn't resist it either! She LOVES it!!! And she looks adorable sitting in it. I'll have to post a picture....

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