Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fabric Dye and Paint Part 2.

The second round of fabric manipulation was some experimenting with fabric paint and various household objects.  I watered down the paint quite a bit so that the effect became almost batik or watercolor like.  I like the effect for this project but I would like to keep experimenting for different results.  

These circles were made with the lid of a ball jar and the small circles with the cap from the fabric paint.

The squares were just a block of scrap wood I found in the garage and the zig-zag lines are a block with an elastic wrapped around it.

It was such a nice weekend I'm glad I had a few minutes to work on this while Eliot was busy digging in his dirt pile and tossing tennis balls on the roof.  I just love this birch tree, too.  Gives nice dappled shade and the birds have a great time singing up there.  Plus it doubled as a laundry line for this project!

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