Wednesday, May 04, 2011

First Harvest

There certainly is a backlog of posting to be done around here. A little spring blog writing along with the flurry of garden and craft activity in our parts. I can't decide if I should start now and work backward so it may be a mixed up catch up week.

The weather seems like it has turned to spring and we have been spending as much time outside as possible. The light has definitely changed to a warmer hue, especially in the mornings.

I look forward to early weekend mornings getting my hands in the dirt. I will make this 1/4 acre productive! So far we have some perennials coming up from the previous owners including the chives below. Lots of mint is also sprouting up as expected. I planted a largish pot of mescalin greens and tons of seeds have been started. I am anxious to get trees and grape arbors, berries, hazelnuts...

The future garden will be neatly in three 4'x8' boxes. We have most of the gear (chicken wire to keep out pests) etc ready to go. I am ordering compost this week and we will be ready to plant! Most of my energy has been going towards this lately but I have managed to keep a few craft projects at the ready for a moment with clean hands and worn out feet.

Early morning tea outside watching the birds is about the most relaxing thing I can think of to do.

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