Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frog Catching

We spent our Memorial day at the nearby cemetery/park. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and perfect for frog catching. We did some turtle watching too as the impressive snappers were floating around.
Hoping for a princess perhaps?
The old gravestones are amazing. I couldn't get Eliot into leaf rubbing but maybe I can convince him to do some stone rubbings. I think it could be an impressive art project.
Our makeshift net served us well. All you need is: 1 coat hanger, 1 old laundry bag, one length of embroidery floss (pink), 1 old chair leg, and duck tape as applicable.

1 comment:

Clara said...

Sweet! I'm totally going to make one of those nets with the boys. Let's go frog catching together soon! (With or without the kids.)

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