Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buttons and Crocus

The crocus were beautiful this year. I love the purple, green and bright yellow centers together. I now have some purple iris coming up in my garden in full force. Eliot has been harvesting mint about every day. He loves the stuff. I figure a little more green food in his diet can't hurt. We hunted down more tea berry, too. I was hopeful that the new shoots would be better flavored but I didn't find them to be much better. Maybe when the berries appear we can use them for something.

Eliot wanted to sew with me recently so we dug out the trusty buttons, embroidery floss and hoop. He spent a lot of time working on stringing and sewing buttons. He then neatly cuts them all off (the best part) and puts it all away. He doesn't need the sense of a final product the same way I do. I should learn from him and be OK with impermanence.

(My favorite needle case - made by the lovely Jenna.)


Voom Voom Veda said...

I need to take a lesson from Elliot too.
Thanks for the needlecase love!
Hope to be seeing you soon!

Heather L. said...

Isn't it fun doing crafts with kids??!!! Well, I guess only when you are able to fully concentrate on it and aren't under a deadline for a craft of your own. ;) I'm so glad my boys are into knitting and don't think it's too much of a girl thing.

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