Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work, work, work

This is pretty much what I have been doing with my spare time when I am not in my sewing room. Lot's of books about marketing, video production, SEO optimization, social media for my 'day job'...I find it endlessly fascinating and interesting, thank goodness.

I feel like I walk a fine line between wanting to give up all technology, grow my own food and the like to getting immersed in screen time. It pulls me sometimes in ways that are unsettling or uncomfortable. I am trying to make my peace with it all and find ways to use it for constructive purposes rather than manipulation.

I took this photo while in the car waiting for Kevin to get his coffee. I like how all of the buildings intersect - kind of quiltlike don't you think?

And an exhale with a beach photo.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love that building photo! It is so much like a quilt, though I don't know that I would have noticed without you saying it. Thank you!

Belated congrats on your house!

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