Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Little Sewing

I did a little sewing last week. I hadn't unearthed my sewing machine in a while so when Eliot decided he needed a bag for his rock collecting on the town I was glad to oblige. He picked out the colors, I managed design. I knew I wanted it to go over the shoulder, like a courier bag, and he knew he wanted a zipper. Unfortunately, I put on a zipper and it broke within 30 seconds of use. I ended up adding a flap with a button closure. He seems happy with it so far.

We had a brief reprieve with warmish weather, enough to make some beloved mud. It has since gone back to ice, although I think today may turn it back.

On a side note - I am working on a new website/blog specifically for my rug work. I have talked about the ebook a bit in the past and I would like to start teaching some classes. I didn't really want to use this blog as a place to send people because of the personal nature. So - I am trying to come up with a name. I have a couple that ring pretty well for me so I am putting a little poll on the side bar to get some feedback. Or, comments are always welcome. Thank you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mirthful lizzard's footfasts
rocky's small engine repair and rug trimmer
One horse feathers
rug star
your granny's old sweats

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