Monday, June 20, 2011


A lot of garden progress this week! It is shooting up like crazy. I had to trim off the top of one of the cages to allow more room for the peas to grow. They need taller stakes, too. In the foreground are my the 3 different types of pole beans, herbs, cucumbers and tomato's. We planted a ton of tomato's this weekend. Hopefully they will recover from being a little leggy.

Tonight I have a meal planned around the broccoli raab that is more than ready to be picked.

Some boat progress was made this weekend, too. We primed her with a white wash and Eliot is working on some water color. I was annoyed at myself for feeling so territorial about this project. I was really worried about him painting it and messing up my vision of the final project. I had to take a deep breath and let it go....

He was so excited about it. Of course, when I first mentioned working on 'our boat' he was a little miffed when I explained we weren't making a real boat with hammers and nails.

I did let him use a hammer (mallet) on this project. We gathered wild flowers from around the yard and hammered them like crazy to make some interesting paper designs on some watercolor paper. That made up for the lack of hardware on the boat.

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