Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden Green

The garden is really coming along now. Lot's of veggies sprouting and some are already ready to eat! I will post my garden map when I put it into a more permanent form (not markers and crayons scribbled on construction paper).

I have had 2 salads from this bucket of greens so far. They keep coming! I planted a few squares in the boxes about a week ago to keep it up.
My peas, lettuce, spinach and raab are flourishing. The basil is starting to look like basil and I just saw the little true leaves from the carrots popping up this morning.
There are a lot of blackberry flowers strewn across the honeysuckle. I'm hoping for a bounty in a month or so.
A few more tomatoes and cucumbers and we will be nearly done the planting!


Kevin Gardella said...

great photos, almost as beautiful as the photographer.

elizabeth g. said...

So glad you have had such a good reward for your gardening efforts, Jess, Kevin and Eliot. Very impressive indeed! Love, Liz, Mom, Grandma

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