Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Do

In no particular order I have made a craft project to do list inspired by Leslie at OneGirl's blog . Maybe I'll stick it on the side bar to remind me to get to work instead of playing on the computer!

gravestone rubbings art project
finish baby quilt #3
leaf prints
try out gocco
finish alabama top
make a dress (maybe finish up some I started ages ago??)
finish ann wood boat
make leather purse
make bird bath out of cement
reconstructed t-shirt from a thrifted shirt
finish standing wool rug
finish e-book

*geeky footnote - I have been having some major issues with blogger and IE9. I just switched to Google Chrome and I'm sold. It's fast and no editing issues or comment issues on my blog or others.

1 comment:

Kevin Gardella said...

to add to to do list,
give husband massage

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