Thursday, December 03, 2009

a lit up walk

The moon has been amazing here the past few nights. It is huge and surrounded by wispy clouds. It almost out shines the Christmas lights around town.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving down on the Cape with Kevin's folks. Good food and family and very few pictures. The past week has been spent digesting and getting reved up for the rest of the holiday season. Eliot is into the advent calendar this year, so that has been fun, and a little challenging for me. He has had marsh mellows twice so far as I scramble to find things for the rest of the doors. So much for preparation.

I bought a wreath form to make a fabric wreath and I found a ton of awesome and easy ornament ideas on Martha Stewart's site. No matter what the blog world is up to I swear she manages to be a step ahead, or maybe I am a step behind? I also took some great pictures today in the woods hunting for pine cones and treasures, the river etc until I realized I forgot the CF card again! I need to hide backups everywhere.

Enjoy the lights around Portland:

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