Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Ears

Goodbye curls, hello ears! Another haircut for the babe from 'Ben the Barber'. Eliot loves the guy. He is young and hip and has lolly pops at the ready.

We had fun this weekend playing in a drainage ditch. We had planned on walking down to the park and then on to the big playground but this little stop ended up being more than enough to keep him entertained. I love how my big plans get sidetracked by little diversions. It reminds me to slow down and just enjoy the moment. This rope was the source of a lot of imaginary play including several hundred rescues out of the ditch.

Our newest addition to our living room. A fish tank! 50 gallons of dusty dirty glass. I have been browsing Craig's list for one of these for a while and it turned out my friend had one in his basement that he traded me for some family pictures. I have big plans for this. It has a nice metal stand that needs to be repainted, too.

Another project I am working on is called "Adventures in Home Cheese Making". If you hadn't noticed, I have reserved another blog with that title. I plan on using it as a place to chronicle my fermented endeavors. Below is a hearth bread I made today. It came out really nicely. I haven't finished the construction of the new blog yet but I'll keep you posted. It will be mostly bread, cheese and maybe wine and beer if I get really motivated this winter.


Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

What a sweet haircut. Love the photos, and this fish tank looks amazing!

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