Thursday, November 19, 2009

our week

I had planned on spreading pictures out over the week but you know how that goes. So the following is a photo dialog about our week past.

Watching the last remaining glimpses of summer pass.

I found some linen twine at the weaving shop so that when I have built up enough of a wool stash I can begin the rug I have in mind. The hooked rug is coming along bit by bit, row by row.
Surprised by the waves when we took a family outing to the seaside. The fog horn was blowing and the waves were amazing.
The fog was settling in between the crags in the rocks so beautifully. This picture is only really done justice by enlarging.

Enjoying the last of my inside flowers, too.

Eliot shaking the leaves off the trees at the river.

Leaf piles.

And dragonfly visitors.


Mountain Sketch said...

I wanted to tell you the winter hat you made with the snowman is so fabulous!! I clicked over to your blog, scrolled down and saw it. Lucky little boy!

Heather said...

What sweet pictures. I always love to see when someone can tell a story of their lives with images.

Thanks for sharing

Pam Strayer said...

Love the images, Jessica. I've just spent a few days with Adeline, the non-stop talker. She loves to be read to. Would we could all have that kind of energy.

Heather L. said...

I want to hear the fog horn blowing!!! Friends here in town are driving to ME for Thanksgiving -- I'm envying them just a bit. :) We're off to OK on Monday and I have mentally answered your email. :) Just need to get it onto the computer. :)

Kirsten Valentine Cadieux said...

It's good to hear how you guys are doing; we're bummed to be missing Thanksgiving. K's family has probably already said this, but it's amazing how much that photo of Eliot with the leaf (that's now in the banner) looks like it could be Tim at that age! I'm not sure I'd seen quite that resemblance before. Fun to see. Erin has been inspiring me to make more craft time before Christmas (she just finished a quilt her mom had cut out in the 70s, I think), and you're inspiring me to do so, too!

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