Thursday, December 10, 2009

shes got legs

If I have to live through a Maine winter I might as well do it in style. Really, it's because it feels like I am wearing pj's all day. Heavy leggings with full leg length wool legwarmers are my new uniform under a cute skirt and boots. It is warm and comfy, highly recommended. This is the best sock site I have found.

This Christmas craft I haven't quite decided if I like or not. I made this from a Martha Stewart recipe and templates. I like the shape of the birds but not the texture of the dough. I am going to try lightly sanding them and then adding glitter. I think they may stay on our tree instead of being given as gifts. I may try this again with salt dough and see if it comes out any better. Or, maybe with a mod-podged mixed media look? It has potential.

1 comment:

Kevin Gardella said...

hey a little bunny, can i borrow one of those legs for my lamp?

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