Tuesday, May 27, 2008


while digging around in my mother's attic i came across some old pictures i had made while in college. these made by brushing emulsion onto paper and sandwiching a negative between the treated paper and a piece of glass. when the paper and negative are exposed to the sun you get these lovely blue images. they are very dreamy looking. the images are all 2.25 inches square.

we spent our memorial day at the beach. it was a little cool but gorgeous. this spring has been amazingly dry for us. although, right now i am trying to type quickly as i see massive dark clouds heading over the water towards us.

in more wedding news i am trying to decide if i am going to make my dress or not. i went dress shopping this weekend and didn't have much luck. granted, i am not looking for a really traditional wedding dress but there wasn't much to work with. everything was either way too fancy or heavily beaded. i am looking for a simple, tea length, a-line dress. i keep seeing what a i like in the flower girl section. maybe i need to stop looking at kids clothes for a while! any dress hunting/making/buying advice?

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Heather L. said...

A day at the beach sound so lovely, even if it still is kind of cool out.

i hope you have better luck finding a dress, or making one! Tea length sounds so pretty! we have a few more weddings coming up at church. one of the girls in the church is going to sew the dress for the Sept. wedding -- she and the bride are good friends and she likes to design clothes and sew them. I saw a few sketches on Sunday. I think it will look nice. I'm just glad I'm not sewing it! I've no patience for involved things!

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