Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a week in pictures

there has been some serious blog neglect here recently, i apologize. i have been busy with a few projects and with spring around the corner we have been able to get out side a little bit more. it has been a welcome change.

eliot has discovered the great joy of taking the head of barbie. unfortunately, he cant quite get it off himself so he comes running over to me with a very serious face and yells "baeeee!.....ooee". Translation.. take barbies head off mom. laughter always follows.

also, recently discovered, the joy of mamas shoes. he can do this himself now, shuffling around the house. i dont really wear heels very often but when i do he is right there to offer a helping hand. seeing this picture of our hallway makes me realize how desperately we need to hang up some art! so bare..

various dinner experiments from the 'great foods fast' book. roasted acorn squash and shallots. this will be a repeat.
fun at the playground.

a commissioned stuffed animal i just finished up. here is a little peek of her in progress. this was a nice little break from clothes making. i am now in the process of making a couple of little girl dresses. i will get some pictures of my progress up soon.


Heather L. said...

Enjoyed all your pictures! I liked the picture of Eliot with the barbie and the cute quilt he's sitting on. The butternut squash sounds good!! Can't wait to see the little girl dresses.

Voom Voom Veda said...

gosh i miss that roller slide!
looking good, all of you....
we miss you much!

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