Tuesday, April 15, 2008

time out

has it been a week already? i have been working through a late winter/early spring funk. its been working itself out through knitting, sewing and sleeping. the more sleep the better! it is nice to turn the heat off and open the windows to let in some sea breeze. spring is starting to show itself more and more.

i have finally finished the two little dresses i have been talking about. these took a lot more sweat and seam ripping than i had initially envisioned. i am happy with the final result. a few more goes at these would do me good.

i will be sharing some glimpses of spring this week as i get my sewing legs back. i have a new project to start this week that is a lot less three dimensional and a lot bigger.


Heather L. said...

Just thinking about you tonight -- I made the turkey meatballs again because they are so good!

I love the little dresses! I've just done a little bit of sewing for my sister -- nothing much, but a little case for her needles. It was fun.

Pam Strayer said...

They look perfect. I'm sorry they were harder than you thought. I can't wait to actually have them on the West Coast.

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